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Never thought this would be easy

It's been stuck in the back of our heads for so long these stories
only time can tell Little things kept getting in the way but we headed on following the signs in the starlit night Now bare back on the cold floor wish for dreams come true

So come out to the garden and catch the breeze
we're gonna give you an earful

The A.J. Gatz Project is...

...only beginning.

These nine tracks were selected from the many songs that A.J. wrote over the last few years and recording them, in our small parisian apartments, was a very fulfilling experience for the two of us.

We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed seeing them come together piece by piece.


A.J. Gatz and Arthur DB


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A.J. Gatz Project - Volume 1
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Why do we give our music?

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That said, we still need your help - Support us!

But more importantly, enjoy!

The A.J. Gatz project
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Produced, recorded and mixed by A.J. Gatz and Arthur DB in Paris, 2013. All songs written by A.J. Gatz.

With special thanks to Robin Lambell for the website, Violette for the pictures, Marna for the valuable advice.